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TC Energy Invests in TPG's Alberta Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Project

Turning Point Generation, supporting renewable energy

Energy Storage

Turning Point Generation was founded with the sole purpose to develop energy storage projects. At Turning Point we believe energy storage will enable further development of renewable energy. Our goal is to play a key role in this development while being economically sound.

We believe Alberta can realize significant benefits from energy storage, most notably cost-effective renewable energy development.

Pumped hydro energy storage is the most economic, environmentally friendly and technologically proven way of storing bulk electricity. It is the most widely used form of energy storage and its in over 300 sites around the world.

Benefits of our projects


  • Able to store renewable energy for times when it is needed
  • Enable and encourage further renewable energy development
  • Provide ancillary support services to the electrical system
  • It's economical- Makes economic sense both for TPG as a project developer, but also for Albertan's by enabling cost-effective development of renewable power.
  • Enables the most renewable energy in Alberta, helping us to achieve our Climate Action goals. 

Developing Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Projects in Alberta

Turning Point Generation is developing pumped hydro energy storage projects in Alberta. After completing extensive site evaluation and selection efforts including developing and carrying out a proprietary screening process specifically designed for pumped hydro sites in Alberta, Turning Point has a number of sites undergoing further evaluation and early stage development. 

Regarding the regulatory ability to develop such projects, the AESO (Alberta electric system operator) and the power market in Alberta both allow and enable merchant generation as well as energy storage projects. Furthermore the Alberta Utilities Commission has a well defined process for the approval of power plants including hydro.

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